How to trading in bitcoin

The bitcoin resources list

First, clear your intentions

Most people who participate in bitcoin trading are hoping to earn money or more bitcoins. As a bitcoin trader, you need to be concerned about the price of bitcoin and the factors that affect price volatility. Here, I recommend several websites that will help you to grasp the price of bitcoin and the latest news.
1、Bitinfocharts, To see bitcoin charts and bitcoin price on the market.
2、Coinmarketcap, The bitcoin price and Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations
3、CoinDesk, The global bitcoin news and discussions
4、Bitcoin on Reddit, The latest news of bitcoin on reddit
5、Letstalkbitcoin,The bitcoin news blog

Second, Buy Bitcoins

There are many ways to get bitcoin, bitcoin exchange, mining, buy from trading platform. Listen to me carefully

Bitcoin mining difficulty increases very fast!!! Between July and August, it increased by 10% every time, and gradually increased to 20%. Recently, the increase in difficulty was 40% higher than last time. In other words, you can dig 1 coins a day, 10 days later, you can only dig 0.6 coins a day. Your daily output is getting less and less, so when you buy a miner, you should carefully calculate the risk. Now on the market they are offering futures mining machine, you must pay first, and delivery can be a few months later. so when the machine sent to your hand, by the time of bitcoin mining difficulty, your miner becomes very slow. However, they are No refunds, many people lose alot.

Buy bitcoins

It is much easier to buy bitcoin

You can buy bitcoins from P2P trade, such as LocalBitcoins、or just use your credit card on Changelly to buy bitcoin directly.

When you have some bitcoins, you can trade them on Bitcoin trading platforms Or withdraw to online wallets.

If you want to get more bitcoins from the market, you can trade bitcoin contract on the platform. Here is my recommend:

  1. Bitmex, an Old site, reputation is guaranteed. You can do long also short, 1 to 100 times leverage to adjustment. Trading depth is very good, there are fluctuations in volume, easy to clinch a deal.
  2. CEX, Support the dollar, euros and other currencies, you can also directly deposit bitcoin and other digital currency, is considered a good trading platform, there are many varieties of virtual currencies can be traded.

About wallets:
The safest bitcoin wallet is the local wallet, but the official local Wallet BitcoinQt, need to download a huge data, hard to use, not recommend. At the same time, local wallet must pay attention to backup and storage, otherwise it is easy to lose bitcoins.

It's very easy to use online wallets,Blockchain is an online wallet, very convenient. But for me, almost of my bitcoins are stored in Bitmex trading platform,as I can invest quicky if there is an opportunity.